Sunday, February 27, 2011

Catching UP!!

So a lot of things have happened since my last post.  Finally able to function after Gall bladder surgery is top on the list.  Christmas was wonderful this year.  We took our time going through presents this year and actually got to see what everyone received.  Had a great New Years, and now onto the new year. 
Jon spent the first part of January in Alderhorst, CA picking out a new dog.  Beny came home on January 17th.  He was a great dog...other than the barking NONSTOP!  We got use to it and how to control it.  On his first trip to the vet we found out that he has hip issues and a broken elbow.  So this being a business deal Beny had to go back to California.  So this last week Jon spent in Alderhorst again looking for a new dog.  So now Kliff joined our lives.  He is such a calm and non barking dog.  Amazing!  So we are now a family of 2 dogs.  So I will post pictures but as soon as he came home he has been working.  Pictures to come soon. 
Ashlee participated in the 6th grade Science Fair.  Her project was making a liquid a solid.  It was a fun project to play with and she did a great job.
We signed up Colton and Connor for baseball again this year.  I can't believe that we are actually talking about baseball when there is  inches of snow outside.  I am so ready for Spring this year! 
Connor had has Nursery Rhyme program for Kindergarten.  It is so cute to see these kids repeat Nursery Rhyme.  Colton also did his Poetry reading program.  He did a fantastic job. 
So there is our last 2 months in a nut shell.  As soon as I move pictures off my computer and have more memory I will post pictures. 

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