Friday, December 2, 2011

November week 4

This week started out as any normal week.  Volunteering in Connor's class and working.  Ashlee had another Orthodontist appointment.  They put brackets on her new back teeth.  We can see the end of the braces coming for her.  Hopefully only another 6 months.  She is getting really excited to finally have them off for good. 

Colton received Principals pride this week.  He received it for going up 2 reading levels at PTC and for being a fantastic kid.  I sure love him.  It was a really sad morning (which I mention later) so between the tears and laughing because he would not talk to Mr. V, it was a good morning.  Here is a cute picture with him and Mr. V.

That morning our sweet dog Roky passed away.  It was a really hard thing for our family.  Roky had Hip Dysplasia and was almost blind.  We has been with us for 6 years.  It was 6 years ago that day that Roky came to our home.  Roky had gone on bomb deployments and 1 week before his death his went on his last deployment.  We sure miss him but understand that he was needed in heaven for something. 

What a great day.  Great food and family.  Also our annual gingerbread decorating.  Pictures will come later.  The kids had a great time.  We changed it up this year.  We did gingerbread trains and little houses.  It was a lot of fun.  With the change of time this year for black Friday.  We started early with shopping.  Walmart at 10 pm and we stopped at Shoe Carnival at 9 the next morning.  What a great day.  The other tradition we have is to go to a movie on Friday morning.  This year we chose the Muppets.  It was a great movie.  I love a movie that my children love and I can laugh at too.

Saturday was my Grandparents 60th Anniversary party.  It was really nice to get together with the Hussey family and celebrate a milestone in their lives.  Good night with good food and family. 

Great week with Great Traditions.  Ready or comes Christmas!

Monday, November 21, 2011


Wow, it has been a busy and long month so far.  I will try to update all of the details. 

Ashlee has started going to the temple every Tuesday with a few of her friends.  She is really enjoying it. 

Football has ended for both boys.  Colby's team went to the Championship game and won the game 2-0.  Yes we won by a safety.  It was a fantastic game, even though a ugly storm came through during the last half of the game. 

Game day cheer!

Colby had his football banquet this last week.  What a fun day to spend with his team.  They received Championship t-shirts, trophies, backpacks, and a beanie.  It was fun being with the team one last time.  I told one of the mom's that the end of football is like a divorce.  You spend almost every waking minute with them for 4 months and then never see them again.  Hopefully next year we can keep the team together and get another Championship.  This was the first one for WJ in 5 years.  I'm glad we could be a part of it. 

Here is Colby with his shirt and trophy.

Colton loved his time playing this year, and cannot wait until next year.  His team didn't do great this year, but they had a lot of fun.  

We also had PTC's the second week of November.  I love the time that we get to sit with the teachers and talk about our kids and what is good and what needs work.  The teachers at Westland are so awesome.  I appreciate everything that they do to help my kids.  They all came out with really good grades.  I'm a very proud mom. 

We got to spend last weekend with some of our friends.  It is always amazing to me that when we get together we act like we never left.  We sure love spending time with them.  There are times that we laugh so hard I forget what we are laughing about.  Thanks Hudson's for the house and the time.

Colby got to go on his field trip to JA City.  If you have never been there it is an amazing place.  The 5th graders get to be grown ups for the day and run the city.  It is fun to watch the frustrations and the successes of the students.  Colby spent the day as a CFO of Larry H. Miller.  I asked him what he thought of it and the first thing he said was being a CFO is HARD!!!  You never have time for yourself.  I'll I could do is laugh. 

Here are two pictures of the city.  They don't do it justice.  Love that place. 

Then the thing I have been waiting for forever...BREAKING DAWN.  What a great night.  That movie is amazing.  I had to keep reminding myself to breath through the movie.  They keep getting better.  I can't wait for part 2 to come out next November.  Thank goodness I have The Hunger Games coming out in March.  Here is a link to the trailer.  Enjoy!

Well that was November so far...I think.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

October week 3

For FHE this week we decided to try to start cleaning up the yard for winter time.  We started by trimming the bushes and pulling and spraying weeds.  Then we put away all of the scooters and bikes.  It was a productive night. 

Tuesday was about the same.  I had craft night at my Aunts house, love my new decorations.  The boys had football.  When I got home the kids were headed to bed, and so was Jon.  He had worked the night before so he was up like 36 hours.  I really don't know how he does it.  I decided to stay up and catch up on some of my shows. So Colton got up and said that he didn't feel good.  I told him to go to the bathroom and then try to go back to bed.  He came out and told me he was going to sleep on the couch and he wanted me to sleep with him.  I am so glad that I listened to him and came out with him.  At 12:55 he started to have a febrile seizure.  It was the longest minute of my life.  Jon and I decided to call 911 because he didn't come out of his last one for a long time.  The paramedics came and started to check him out and make sure he was ok.  They were here about 20 minutes and checked him over.  They asked if we wanted to take him to the hospital but I knew from the last time he had this what to do.  After they left we were talking to him a little bit and what had happened and he remembered going into the seizure and how he didn't like how it made him feel.  He remembered everything about it.  He went to sleep and this morning we asked him about what had happened and he has no idea.  I've decided some things are better not to remember.  I wish I could forget the way he looked and what happened, but it will be in my brain forever.

So Wednesday was pack meeting.  Colby received his Science pin, and Colton received his Wolf badge, 5 arrows and the art belt loop.  They also are retiring a flag tonight.  After are exciting adventures last night I didn't want Colton to go but he really wanted to get out of the house and go.  We only lasted about 40 minutes but it was worth it to see him get his Wolf and watch both boys help retire a flag.  Congrats boys!

So this is a 4 day weekend for me and the kids.  I LOVE IT!!  I totally slept in on Thursday morning.  It was really nice.  For YW's, we got to go to Temple Square and plant flowers.  We planted around the Temple.  It was a lot of fun. 

Friday was even a better day.  All I have done is clean and do laundry.  It is so nice to finally be getting caught up.  Plus Schmidt's Bakery has opened a new store in South Jordan.  YUMMY!  I am so excited.  They have such yummy food and desserts.  Thanks Meagan for telling me and going together to get a treat.

Saturday we are on the road again for football.  Jon is in Park City with Colby and I'm with Colton at Brighton.  Colby and Colton's teams did great.  Coltons team put up a good fight 12-7.  Colby's team won 40 - 0.  Plus BYU won it was a great day for football. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October week 2

So we started the week by getting our annual Flu shots.  It is so funny to see the kids reaction to getting a shot.  Jon was talking to the kids all about it on the way to the doctors office.  I think he freaked out a couple of the boys.  Literally when the nurse called our name Colby took off.  We literally had to drag him into the office and the nurse had to hold him down just for a little shot.  I can't wait till next year when he has to get 5 shots to get ready for Middle School.  Connor cried a little bit, and Colton just stared at it.  What an eventful night. 

Spent Thursday morning with the Red Cross figuring out where to go now with the Shelter training.  It is a neat experience to sit and talk with people that are so willing to help anyone in the event of a disaster. 

I also got the experience from the past this last week.  I don't understand all of the logistics but Blackberry service went down, and my phone of course would not work.  In a way it was nice to not have it ringing all of the time but the day it came up I didn't like it.  I'm still trying to get to the end of my email list.  The funny thing is all of the texts I got at the same time that were from several days.  I think I could live without my phone...maybe.

Had a little more football.  Coltons team scored a touchdown!!!  Colby's team is still undefeated.  I sure love football time. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October week 1

I can't believe that it is October already.  I was just reading one of my friends blogs and she was saying that she hates going from AC to Heat in one day, we should have at least 1 month between the two.  I totally agree.  She also showed this picture and I agree I need to find it for Ashlee's room. 
This week was one thing after another.  Monday started with me volunteering in Connors class.  I just love his teacher.  All of my children have gone through her class and this women is amazing.  If she could teach Colton, she could teach anyone. 

This week we had the wonderful opportunity of going to Ashlee's Parent Teacher Conference.  This middle school thing is so new to me I had no idea what to expect from these conferences.  It makes me feel really grateful when you walk in their classroom and they look at you and say how much they like your child.  By the end of conferences I was really wondering who this child was.  Yes she has her struggles but at least the teachers are so willing to work with her and help her to succeed.  The other plus was they did conferences in the teachers classroom.  I remember the conferences in the gym at the school and was looking forward to leaving with a headache.  The classrooms is totally the way to go. 

We had a PTA Treasurers conference call this week.  I'm so grateful for technology sometimes.  This allowed me to talk to 25 people at once and make sure they are all on the same page.  It has totally opened up a can of worms which is good.  The water finally got to the end of the row.  Now the questions and answers start.  I'm so happy to know that people are getting the information they need. 

Friday was Grandparents appreciation day in 3rd grade.  Colton had to interview a grandparent about what life was like for them in 3rd grade, and then draw a picture of them.  He was so excited!  They sang songs and did a slide show of all of the kids with their grandparents.  It turned out really cute.  Here is a picture of Colton and my mom with his picture in the background.  On the way home Colton said I forgot to add hair
to Grandpa's head.  I said well maybe he didn't have hair when he was in 3rd grade.  He just laughed and said mom everyone has hair at my age.  He is such a funny kid.


Saturday was football again.  Games this week were both in Magna, but just not at the same time.  So we took lunch and decided to spend the day.  Colton's game was at 9am so we had to be there at 8.  It was a awesome game.  Colton caught a pass and ran 60 yards for a touchdown...unfortunately was stopped at the 5 yard line.  Dang it!!  The kids on the Granger team I swear were 12 years old and weighted 250 pounds.  I was so worried about Colton the whole time.  I just kept thinking please don't fall on my child.  The game went great and then it was lunch time. 
Earlier that morning Colby said that his chin hurt.  I could not understand how he hurt it, till I noticed that the hot chocolate thermos was out.  He totally tried to drink boiling hot walk and burned his chin.  He totally looks like he has a sole patch.  I felt so bad for him.  We had to wrap up his chin so he could play his game, and what a great game it was.  Colby ran in the ball for a touchdown.  (Thank you so much coaches for that.)  What another great game.  He was so excited.  Leatherby's here they come!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

September week 4

Holy cow...can you believe that September is almost over.  It's so crazy. 

I started the week going to the dentist AGAIN.  It is such a beautiful thing to be done again.
Also today was grandparents day at school.  The kids were so excited to have grandma come and eat lunch with them.  Here is a picture of Grandma with Colton and Connor.  I missed Colby he had already gone back to class.   
Doesn't Colton look so happy!  He is such a funny kid.

I have been keeping a secret from Ashlee since March.  I got tickets to see Taylor Swift in concert.  I have been looking forward to this for a long time.  We left right after school to go downtown to get dinner before the show.  It was such a fun concert.  Here are some pictures from it. 

It was so fun having a girls night.  It was a late night, but totally worth it. 
That night at home was Pack meeting.  This month they did a rocket derby.  The boys had a great time carving out their rockets and racing them.  They had some difficulties that night with the track so they didn't get to finish the race but the boys had a great time. 

We have had a great football season so far this year.  Colby's team is undefeated and he is totally loving it.

Colton is loving it even though he is not winning all of the time. 
What another great week we had. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September week 3

So Monday started out by going to Cafe Rio with a good friend.  I love spending time with Rebecca, especially over lunch.  We laugh and laugh and eat.  It was a great way to start the week.  If only I knew that it was going to be a difficult week I would have laughed a little harder. 

Tuesday started choir for the Elementary kids.  This time they are spilt so I have 2 that go on Tuesday and 1 that goes on Thursday.  I love hearing Christmas music this early in the year, especially when my kids are singing it.  They seriously make me laugh.   
Plus we had a little football practice. 

Wednesday was my BFF's birthday.  I have been thinking for months on what to get her for her birthday.  When my mom and I went to Swiss Days I found this artist that I absolute love.  I found the perfect picture and I did a photo block for her.  I didn't take a picture of the block but this is the picture.  Love it!!
We have started reviewing local PTA books.  Wow it takes a lot of time.  We have also found that I need to do a bunch of training.  Oh the joy!  This is going to be a lot of fun. 

Thursday we did a surprise birthday party of one of our new YW.  I hope that she had a lot of fun we sure did having her come.  She is going to fit right in. 

Friday was the beautiful day of Pay day.  It never ceases to amaze me that the money comes and goes so fast.  Feeding 3 growing boys takes most of that. 

Saturday was a bust day.  We had 2 football games, a baptism, and Womens Conference.  I can honestly say I made it to 3 out of the 4.  I missed Coltons game because he was playing the same time as Colby.  Congrats to Cody on his baptism.  Womens conference was fabulous.  So glad that I took the time to go. 
It really helps me to hear I'm not perfect and its ok. 

So I stated on facebook earlier this week that I love Skyward.  It helps to know what is happening with my kids everyday at school.  Especially now that I have a middle school child.  She is seriously going to kill me one of these days.  I've come to the conclusion that I have to check it everyday with her so we both know when things are coming due and what has been graded.  Love it!
There is our week!

Monday, September 19, 2011

September week 2

So PTA is up and running...and running fast.  We are starting a Disaster Sheltering program with the Red Cross and man is it taking a lot of time.  I just feel like I get all of the emails in and there are 4 more.  It is going to be such a great program when it is running. 

Work is work.  It is finally running smooth.  I am really loving the recess first thing.  I really hope the kids are liking it. 

One of my implants came loose last week and so I'm back to a flipper.  I HATE IT!!  There is nothing I can do so hopefully they get the tooth back fast. 

Great football practices this week.  Colby came out with a big win this week.  Colton not a win.  It was not a good game.  It started out really good with Colton sacking the quarterback and then recovering a fumble.  He was really good the whole game until he got hurt.  He was out for a couple of plays and then wanted to go back.  What a trooper. 

Region had the opportunity to go and meet with the Superintendent.  It is really nice to sit down with her and see what her focus is and where she see the district going. 

We took the YW to the Temple to do baptisms this week.  It is always a great experience taking them there.  The Bishop joined us this time and got to baptize the girls.  Really neat experience Ashlee said. 

We are getting into the Middle School routine.  Poor Ashlee learned this last week that this is the real world now.  I know we made the right decision in taking her to SoJo but it is just not around the corner.  She left her homework home, and it nearly killed me not to take it to her.  She learned to always remember everything in the morning.  Wonder how long til she does it again???

Connor lost his first tooth this week.  This is the first child I have had that has lost a tooth in 1st grade.  All the other ones haven't lost them until 2nd grade.  How fun for him to have a missing tooth.  His is talking so funny now. 
I so wish school pictures were last week.  Oh well!!
BYU vs. UTAH...don't need to say any more about it.  Thank goodness it is over and we can all move on the the rest of the season.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September week 1

Wow what a crazy great week.  I was wondering if it was ever going to slow down. 
Labor day was Monday.  I truly Labored that day.  I cleaned the house and washed all of our clothes.  For some reason my Saturdays are completely gone.  It was really nice to get everything done and feel like I accomplished something. 

Tuesday we all went back to school.  The kids are finally getting down the routine in the lunchroom.  Thank goodness.  It was really crazy the first week.  I'm feeling much better about it today. 

Wednesday Colby had Scouts after school.  I'm so grateful that football has gone to 3 practices a week so he can go and not have to leave early.  He is loving his new den leader and is excited to go.  This month we are having a space derby.  Now that I'm thinking about it...we should get those done. 

Thursday I got the opportunity to volunteer in my favorite teachers class.  I don't even have kids in her class this year but I sure do love helping her.  It is fun to go back and remember how little my kids were. 
Ashlee and I had Young Womens too.  We had a really cool night with the girls.  We had them choose a Hero or someone that they looked up to that is in the media, but not a member of the church.  The girls had to research this person and tell us something about them and what they believed in.  It was interesting to hear who some of the girls heroes are.  It was a very interesting night.

Friday...Party its Friday!!!  I never thought I would say this.  Its nice to have a weekend, plus short day for the kids.  I'm still getting use to this late start thing in middle school.  The nice thing is Ashlee can have her orthodontist appointments that morning.  It is so nice to have the appointment early in the morning and her not miss school. 
Ashlee's school also did a Salute to Heroes that morning.  The choir has been working on songs to sing that morning.  They also did a flag raising ceremony a couple of speakers and a moment of silence.  Here is the video of that morning. 
It was a really neat experience considering that a lot of these kids were not very old when this happened. 

Saturday started early, no sleeping in at our house on game day.  Colby played Hillcrest today.  What a great game.  They have a few things that they need to work blocking in the back when going for a touchdown, but all in all it was a great game.  We won 28-0. 
Colton played Cyprus today.  Jon said it was a hard win but they won.  After working a graveyard shift he was a little hyper and excited at the game.  Sorry parents!  Colton also won 14-0

I am loving that fall in coming.  I love the cool night and mornings.  Lets just hope that the snow will stay away for a few more months.  We really don't need the water today or even next month.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

August week 5

With the kids starting school, me starting a new job, and the football craziness that has been going on I forgot.  I kept trying to get to it but other things were always in the way.  It has been a absolutely crazy week.

First of all school started.  What a great day.  I love my kids, but I also love the routine that they are in when we are in school.  Here are their first day pictures...

Connor was so excited to go to school...he was walking in then turned around and said ROCK ON!!  He loves school.  I can't be sad when he loves it so much.

Our school has decided to try lunch recess before lunch.  I was so excited to hear this as a parent.  The studies have shown that children that play first will eat more and consume more fruit.  The statistic has shown at our school it is true.  They are going through tons more fruit and we have 1/2 the waste that we use to.  The lunchroom is a little crazy but I sure do love it.  I'm with the kids again.  I sure have missed that.

The same old stuff also went on this week but the new one was Football games start.  What a great day. 
So with having 2 playing this year in different ages groups, Jon and I have to split up the games.  This week I went to Colton's game.  What a great game.  They did such a great job.  Colton sacked the quarterback with was fantastic.  He was so excited.  Here he is getting ready to go back out.  Colton plays punter, cornorback, full back and on the line.  He is loving it.
This is what Colby looked like when we left to go to Colton's game.
Colby's team won 24 - 0.  They won against Jordan.  What a great game.  Colby plays safety and receiver.  What a great time of year. 

Mostly that was our week last week.  Stay tuned for the awesome week of football we had this week....

Monday, August 29, 2011

August week 4

Oh boy...where do I start.  What a great last week before school.  Julie and I decided that we were going to just have fun with our kids this week. 
So Monday we headed out to find a splash pad.  Unfortunately all of the splash pads by us have been turned off.  Didn't they know that we were not is school yet!  So we decided to take the kids Ice blocking.  I use to go as a youth all of the time, so I thought it would be fun.  We ended up at Murray park and boy did they have fun. 
Everyone of the kids went down the hill several times.  After a while we noticed that there were people playing in the river at the bottom of the hill.  So we decided to leave the ice for a while and go play in the water.  They had a great time.  The girls noticed that there were tadpoles in the water and started to catch them.  They wanted to take them home so bad..but I refused to take the stinky tadpoles in my car.  After the river the kids went back to ice blocking.  When we left the park the ice was only about 1 inch thick.  All in all Monday was a great day. 
Tuesday we took the kids swimming.  Love free stuff.  They had a great time.  Especially with Jon in the water.

Wednesday along with every other day was football.  It was also Pack Meeting.  Colby received 2 Silver arrows, and a bunch of belt loops and a patch from Cub Country.  Colton received his Bobcat and a bunch of belt loops from Cub country.  They were really embarrassed getting awards in their football gear but this time it could not be helped. 
Thursday was a big day in the Atherley house.  Ashlee started Middle School.  Oh man...where did the time go.  She was really excited.  She jumped out of the car and didn't look back.  I'm so glad that she is so excited about this time in her life.  She will do great. 
We decided that while Ashlee was a 7th grade orientation we would go to Grandma's and do the water slide.  This is always a crowd pleaser.  The kids have a great time.  The best part once again is FREE.  Plus the big one is we don't have to entertain and the kids have a great time. 

Thursday night was Back to School night at the Middle School and the Elementary.  These nights are always so much fun to go to.  You get to meet the teachers, see the classroom, and see who is in the classes.  It was a really great night. 

Friday I spent the morning in meetings for PTA.  I am serving on a committee that is training people in the Jordan School Districts on how to run a shelter in our schools, just in case there is a natural disaster.  It is going to be a great thing for our District.  It makes me feel better as a parent knowing that this is going to happen.  That night we had a movie night and root beer float party.  The kids once again had a great time. 

Saturday Jon spent at the football fields getting the boys ready for the games.  I went to a funeral then went to see the boys at the fields.  They are looking good.  Hopefully they have a great season. 

All in all it was a great week.  Next week back to school.....!!!  Party time!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

August week 3

I am soooo late this week.  oops!!! We are having to much fun this week to sit at a computer.  So I will try to remember what happened a week ago. 

PTA has started already.  I love being able to serve on the PTA but sometimes it really starts to take over your life.  I totally see it coming.  I spent one day at a Council meeting.  I decided that serving local is the way to go.  I really miss being with the kids at my school.  Now I just get to see the good things we are doing on a district level.  Sometimes it is just as much fun. 

Football of course is still going.  Everyday!!  Soon we will be a 3 a week.  I can't wait. 

Colton's scout leader has started scout back up.  He has really missed not going.  Colby got to go to the Weblos leader.  He was so excited.  I hate that football interferes but we make it work. 

Wow that is about all I can remember.  Boy that is sad.  Next week is soon and we had a wonderful and exhausting week.  Plus...Back to School.  I can't wait.

Monday, August 15, 2011

August week 2

Hello 14 days!!!
I can't believe that this summer is coming to a close.  It was a fast first part of the summer until about 2 weeks ago.  Now I can't wait.  Starting a job at the school, and all of them in all day, WOW!!  I really thought this day would never come. 

We started Sunday by celebrating Colby's birthday with our family.  We had dinner and then cake and ice cream.  He was really excited about his birthday.  He got new clothes and shoes to start school, some Lego's, and a bunch of money that he has decided that he wants to save.  What a great kid. 


We started the week out going back to Dr. Hunter for Connor's post surgery check.  He has been so miserable and whinny (hope I spelled it right) and not sleeping that I am ready to scream every day.  So we go to the appointment which Connor is screaming about the whole time that his throat hurts and he can't open his mouth.  Dr. Hunter walks in, he opens his mouth and tells him it hurts a little but its ok.  I'm about ready to kill him.  Oh well, at least I know that he is healing and everything is good. 


We started and finished school shopping for the kids.  Who knew that clothes, shoes, and everything else could cost so much money. 


Ashlee got the opportunity to babysit her cousin for 2 days this week.  She had a blast and the money she earned she spent on some extras that she wanted for school.  BONUS!


Saturday was our Annual Stake BBQ.  We have gone to this every year since they started it.  It is a really fun event.  You get to see people from other wards that you normally don't see very often.  It is so funny when the kids from school see me at an event like this.  They sit and stare at me for a long time and then come up and say Hi.  Teachers say all of the time that the kids think that we live at the school.  I now totally understand.  It's pretty funny. 
I have been wanting to get mine and Ashlee's haircut for a long time, but just have not found the time.  So as I was on facebook on Saturday morning my favorite salon mentioned that they were having a beach party and their services were half off.  Really half off!!!  So we totally took advantage of it.  We invited my mom to come with us and have a girls night.  We got pedicures, haircuts, and got some fun products.  Ashlee's hair is the cutest, and she is loving her blue toe nails. 

All in all it was a great week. Minus that my memory is full on my computer so I can't download pictures yet.  I have been working on this for a couple of weeks, and hope to be able to get them up this week.  I'll work hard. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

August week 1

OK I know that I'm late this week posting, but I was busy taking care of a child, and I went to post and Blogger was down yesterday. 
Last week started out with Connor having surgery.  We had to be at the hospital at 6:30 in the morning.  Connor of course was a little scared and a lot shy at first.  Here is the picture when we first arrived at the hospital
He was not excited for what was about to happen.  The nurse came in and took blood pressure and vitals and then gave him Versed.  Holy cow this child is funny on Versed.  At first he was in a zone, then the anthologists came in and Connor was laughing hysterically and told him that he had 4 eyes.  Then Dr. Hunter came in and Connor told him he had 2 heads.  You had to see it to believe it.  Right before they took him back I looked at him and said Connor does mom have 4 eyes and he said no but MOM YOU HAVE AN EYE ON YOUR CHIN. 

Connor on Versed

Jon and I were laughing till they took him away.  He was only in surgery about 30 minutes and then in recovery 30 minutes then we got to see him.  We heard him coming all the way down the hall screaming.  He just kept saying I want to go home.  Please take me home.  After eating a slushy and tons of ice chips we got home about 11:00 a.m.  What a morning we had ...not knowing that we were going to have a awful week with him.

This week also starts HELL week for football!!  It is totally what it says it is.  It is a week of tryouts and literally wearing the boys out.  Both Colby and Colton are playing this year, but in different divisions.  It is going to be an exciting year.  Colby made the Pee-wee B team, and Colton made the Gremlins 8-9 B team.  It is going to be a great season. 

Ashlee had another appointment with Dr. Bills.  This time she got the Herbts removed. She was really excited to get all of that metal out of her mouth.  The only bad thing is they had to remove all of the back brackets on top and bottom and put in totally new ones.  She says its nice to have all of that metal out of her mouth.

It was also Colby's birthday this week.  He was really excited for his birthday this year.  He is a great kid.  He drives me totally batty some day but we still love that kid.  We had a little family party for him on Saturday morning but the family party was on Sunday.  Here is one picture with his favorite toy that he received...LEGO's.  I will post all of his birthday pictures next week with my post. 
Happy Birthday Buddy!

So here it goes....18 days and counting till school starts.  I was not looking forward to it this year until this last week.  Now I'm totally ready for them to go back.  It's going to be a great year.

Monday, August 1, 2011

July week 4

Oh my...what a vacation.  I love camping, but after being gone 2 weeks this year with the youth I was not exactly thrilled to be going camping and living out of a bag for a week again.  Once we finally got packed, fixed the car again, and started heading out of town I got excited.  The kids have been looking forward to this trip all year.  We bought a new tent this year Hooray, so I was excited to see how easy or not it was going to be to set it up.

We got to Moon Lake and all I can say is WOW we got a lot of water this year.  The lake was completely full and they were taking tons of water out of it.  AMAZING.

The boys played in the water, fished, hiked, fished, cooked, fished, and fished.  They had a great time.  I think they played more in the water fishing, but they had a great time.  We rented a boat and it was a lot of fun being out on the water.  The boys both caught a fish.
Jon and I also bought a propane oven this last year, and we got to try it out at camp.  I just have to say I love this oven.  I now have everything that I need in a disaster.  An oven and all of the ingredients to make Chocolate chip cookies.  We will be fine if we are ever in a disaster.  We had a great time.  I don't think we have ever gone up to Moon Lake and it has not rained.  We got away with it all week, and the last night it started to rain.  It rained all night.  When we got up in the morning everything was wet.  Of course when we want to pack up everything is wet.  We left the stuff up most of the morning and it almost dried completely.
On our way home it started to POUR!!!  It was a big storm.  At one point the road was completely washed out.  We got on the main highway and the rain slowed down, but just as we were cresting the hill at Strawberry Reservoir the rain was impressive.  Going about 30 mph and having the windshield wiper going on high speed, it was really hard to see.  It took us a little longer to get home, but that rain storm was awesome.  This storm reminded me of when Jon and I were dating and my parents lived in Roosevelt.  There was one trip that we were coming up over Strawberry Reservoir and it was so foggy you could not see in front of you.  We were going about 5mph and it was scary.  We made it that time and this time.  Going over the Reservoir can be really scary sometimes.  ( I will get pictures up ASAP)

Colton started football this week with the High School football camp.  He is so excited to play.  He had a great time at camp.  Saturday was football gear day.  The boys were so excited.  Here goes to giving up my weekends.

Only 4 weeks until the kids go back to school.  I'm so excited!  It is a sad thought this year.  I'm excited because I'm starting work at the school this year.  I'm really looking forward to working at the school and seeing my kids everyday at school. 
I also got Ashlee registered for school this week.  Wow who knew it was that expensive.  At least that is done.  Here goes to shopping for clothes, backpacks and who knows what else we will need.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

July week 3

Soooooooo tired!  Last week was a packing week.  We are going to Moon Lake with my family.  I packed and cleaned, shopped and cleaned some more.  Pretty boring week.  When I fully recover and have all of my laundry done I will post about the trip and all the new things from this week.

Stay tuned......

Monday, July 18, 2011

July week 2

Oh it is so nice to be able to recover from Girls Camp.  So Monday was FREE Slurpee day.  After we went to lunch we decided to stop by and get a Slurpee.  The kids thought Julie and I were the best mom's.  Later that day we were hot so we decided to try to get another one at the 7-11 close to our house.  So we got a little exercise and walked to 7-11 and got another FREE Slurpee. 
So on the way home, the boys decided that they wanted to do a lemonade stand.  Julie and I have no idea where they came up with it but decided that they could try it.  They made signs for Connor to hold and got everything ready.  They had 2 people stop buy and bought a drink and then they got bored, so they decided to go start knocking on doors.  After they went through the entire neighborhood asking if they would like to buy lemonade the made a total of 14 dollars.  So they went to Macey's and bought King Kones.  They were happy kids. 

We took Colby to the Orthodontist on Tuesday for him to look and see if Colby is going to need braces.  Since he still has a lot of baby teeth Dr. Bills thinks that he is about 1 year out before getting them on.  He says that he is not as bad as Ashlee but plan on braces.  Oh Joy!

Wednesday we took the kids swimming.  They are fish.  They love to be in the water.  We were there 3 hours and they were not ready to go. 

I spend a little part of Thursday going to lunch with friend Rebecca.  It was so nice to catch up with her over the summer.  It was a last minute thing before she left town but it was a lot of fun. 

Plus I got my car fixed again this week.  THANK YOU JAKE!!!!!  I have decided that this car is going to kill me.  This time it was the fan clutch.  I really hope that nothing else goes wrong with it the rest of the year. 

On Friday night Jon pull a graveyard shift at the hospital.  He was in the Womens Center so I really didn't worry about it.  I was wrong.  I get a call at 3am with him in a fight with someone.  At 3am it woke me out of a dead sleep.  Come to find out the lady bit him on the chest.  She broke the skin so he had to be admitted to the ER.  They cleaned it up really good, gave him antibiotics and he finally was released at 5am.  Of course he is pressing charges so once again he gets to go to court. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

July week 2

Holy cow!! What a great week.  WARNING...this might be a long post.
We started out the week with the West Jordan parade.  Since Jon,Colby, and Colton were walking in it, it was just Ashlee, Connor, and me to watch.  So I went down at 7:30 to get our seats because this parade route fills up really quick.  It was much better waiting for the parade to start with 2 kids instead of 4.  We had some breakfast and did snaps to waste time.  The parade was fun, and it was fun to see my kids in it. 

Ashlee and Connor waiting for the parade to start.  We had Julie and Neffy join us for the parade. 

We then went to my moms house for a BBQ.  The kids had fun playing with their cousin doing snaps and crackling balls and just playing outside in the rain.  We ate and then we were off to Sugarhouse park for the bands and fireworks.  I don't think I ever would have gone but we won tickets this year to the best seat in the house from RC Willey's.  The first two bands were not wonderful but the kids were having a great time.  The band that we went for was Ryan Schupe and the Rubberband.  This concert was awesome.  He played for an hour and a half.  It was great.  Ashlee was really excited because she got a t-shirt and a Frisbee from Ryan.  After Ryan it was time for the fireworks.  They were fantastic and went for 30 minutes.  It was great. 
If you have never seen Ryan Schupe and the Rubberband live I would totally suggest it.  I saw him live the first time at PTA Convention last year, and it was amazing.  This one at Sugarhouse was even better.  If you want to see one of my kids favorite songs here is the link.
After the fireworks were over at 10:40pm and we were back to our car, we have the word that I hate the most...TRAFFIC!!  I'm usually really good at being able to get out and fast but this was totally insane.  The cars were not moving.  We finally made really good progress at 11:00p.m.  We got home at about 11:30 and then I had to do the thing that I totally had put off.  Pack for Girls Camp.  I kept thinking that I would have time but never did.  So by the time I got packed and had all of the food ready I got to bed at 2:30 a.m. 
The wonderful alarm went off at 5a.m.  I got up and started packing the trailer and truck next door.  We left at 7:45 and made it to Heber Valley Camp.  We got unpacked a little and we were off.  We went to the ampitheather for a meeting with the missionaries.  The first thing they say to us is there was a bear in our camp right next door to our cabin and he ate their lunch.  It scared the leaders but the girls were thinking it was cute.  I kept telling them that his paws are bigger than your head, and anything bigger than your head is scary.  Here is the cute picture of our bear. 
So next we took the girls to Legacy Lake.  What a beautiful place.  When we got there it was beautiful blue skies with puffy clouds, but when we left the clouds were dark.  Here are great pictures from the lake.

Notice the clouds!
  We had a great rest of the day with dinner and skits. 
Then the rain started.  It rained most of the night.  When we woke up the next morning it was gone, and beautiful.  We had the morning to do a couple of things together then after lunch we were headed to the ropes course.  I had to help with a station in the ropes course so I kept telling the leaders to make Ashlee do the high course.  She had no trouble at all doing it.  It is a 20 (I think) foot pole you have to climb, then you side step 20 feet on a wire to the place where you zip line down.  I kept thinking Ashlee you have to do this.  You will feel so good about yourself if you do it, not knowing that I would end up doing it in the end.  Here are some great pictures of Ashlee doing it.  I will get mine up as soon as I get them. 


Here is a link to her video.  I was so proud of her.

The next day was just our relaxing day.  We had the Bishopric coming up and we had to make dinner.  This was also our skit night.  The girls did their skit for the Bishop, then the leaders did their skit, then the Bishopric did their skit.  We had a great time.  Later that night the Stake put on a Knight Hike.  It was a wonderful experience.  The girls really enjoyed it.  We then went back to the cabin for our testimony meeting.  What a great week at camp.  I'm so exhausted though. 

I learned when I got home that Jon had taken the boys swimming and roast marshmallows.  They also had a great week. 

We ended the week going to the baptism of Jaiden.  What a great day that we spent with them. 
So this was our week this week.  I will post videos and pictures later.