Monday, September 19, 2011

September week 2

So PTA is up and running...and running fast.  We are starting a Disaster Sheltering program with the Red Cross and man is it taking a lot of time.  I just feel like I get all of the emails in and there are 4 more.  It is going to be such a great program when it is running. 

Work is work.  It is finally running smooth.  I am really loving the recess first thing.  I really hope the kids are liking it. 

One of my implants came loose last week and so I'm back to a flipper.  I HATE IT!!  There is nothing I can do so hopefully they get the tooth back fast. 

Great football practices this week.  Colby came out with a big win this week.  Colton not a win.  It was not a good game.  It started out really good with Colton sacking the quarterback and then recovering a fumble.  He was really good the whole game until he got hurt.  He was out for a couple of plays and then wanted to go back.  What a trooper. 

Region had the opportunity to go and meet with the Superintendent.  It is really nice to sit down with her and see what her focus is and where she see the district going. 

We took the YW to the Temple to do baptisms this week.  It is always a great experience taking them there.  The Bishop joined us this time and got to baptize the girls.  Really neat experience Ashlee said. 

We are getting into the Middle School routine.  Poor Ashlee learned this last week that this is the real world now.  I know we made the right decision in taking her to SoJo but it is just not around the corner.  She left her homework home, and it nearly killed me not to take it to her.  She learned to always remember everything in the morning.  Wonder how long til she does it again???

Connor lost his first tooth this week.  This is the first child I have had that has lost a tooth in 1st grade.  All the other ones haven't lost them until 2nd grade.  How fun for him to have a missing tooth.  His is talking so funny now. 
I so wish school pictures were last week.  Oh well!!
BYU vs. UTAH...don't need to say any more about it.  Thank goodness it is over and we can all move on the the rest of the season.

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