Saturday, September 10, 2011

August week 5

With the kids starting school, me starting a new job, and the football craziness that has been going on I forgot.  I kept trying to get to it but other things were always in the way.  It has been a absolutely crazy week.

First of all school started.  What a great day.  I love my kids, but I also love the routine that they are in when we are in school.  Here are their first day pictures...

Connor was so excited to go to school...he was walking in then turned around and said ROCK ON!!  He loves school.  I can't be sad when he loves it so much.

Our school has decided to try lunch recess before lunch.  I was so excited to hear this as a parent.  The studies have shown that children that play first will eat more and consume more fruit.  The statistic has shown at our school it is true.  They are going through tons more fruit and we have 1/2 the waste that we use to.  The lunchroom is a little crazy but I sure do love it.  I'm with the kids again.  I sure have missed that.

The same old stuff also went on this week but the new one was Football games start.  What a great day. 
So with having 2 playing this year in different ages groups, Jon and I have to split up the games.  This week I went to Colton's game.  What a great game.  They did such a great job.  Colton sacked the quarterback with was fantastic.  He was so excited.  Here he is getting ready to go back out.  Colton plays punter, cornorback, full back and on the line.  He is loving it.
This is what Colby looked like when we left to go to Colton's game.
Colby's team won 24 - 0.  They won against Jordan.  What a great game.  Colby plays safety and receiver.  What a great time of year. 

Mostly that was our week last week.  Stay tuned for the awesome week of football we had this week....

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Rekehl said...

Hey there Atherleys! I just ran across your blog and love it. I do the once a week posting too, isn't it much better. I keep one post open all week and every night before bed I quickly jot down what happened that day and it takes like 15 minutes. I can remember to post once a week and some things are too small for its own post, but when you include it with all the big stuff you have a journal!