Thursday, July 28, 2011

July week 3

Soooooooo tired!  Last week was a packing week.  We are going to Moon Lake with my family.  I packed and cleaned, shopped and cleaned some more.  Pretty boring week.  When I fully recover and have all of my laundry done I will post about the trip and all the new things from this week.

Stay tuned......

Monday, July 18, 2011

July week 2

Oh it is so nice to be able to recover from Girls Camp.  So Monday was FREE Slurpee day.  After we went to lunch we decided to stop by and get a Slurpee.  The kids thought Julie and I were the best mom's.  Later that day we were hot so we decided to try to get another one at the 7-11 close to our house.  So we got a little exercise and walked to 7-11 and got another FREE Slurpee. 
So on the way home, the boys decided that they wanted to do a lemonade stand.  Julie and I have no idea where they came up with it but decided that they could try it.  They made signs for Connor to hold and got everything ready.  They had 2 people stop buy and bought a drink and then they got bored, so they decided to go start knocking on doors.  After they went through the entire neighborhood asking if they would like to buy lemonade the made a total of 14 dollars.  So they went to Macey's and bought King Kones.  They were happy kids. 

We took Colby to the Orthodontist on Tuesday for him to look and see if Colby is going to need braces.  Since he still has a lot of baby teeth Dr. Bills thinks that he is about 1 year out before getting them on.  He says that he is not as bad as Ashlee but plan on braces.  Oh Joy!

Wednesday we took the kids swimming.  They are fish.  They love to be in the water.  We were there 3 hours and they were not ready to go. 

I spend a little part of Thursday going to lunch with friend Rebecca.  It was so nice to catch up with her over the summer.  It was a last minute thing before she left town but it was a lot of fun. 

Plus I got my car fixed again this week.  THANK YOU JAKE!!!!!  I have decided that this car is going to kill me.  This time it was the fan clutch.  I really hope that nothing else goes wrong with it the rest of the year. 

On Friday night Jon pull a graveyard shift at the hospital.  He was in the Womens Center so I really didn't worry about it.  I was wrong.  I get a call at 3am with him in a fight with someone.  At 3am it woke me out of a dead sleep.  Come to find out the lady bit him on the chest.  She broke the skin so he had to be admitted to the ER.  They cleaned it up really good, gave him antibiotics and he finally was released at 5am.  Of course he is pressing charges so once again he gets to go to court. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

July week 2

Holy cow!! What a great week.  WARNING...this might be a long post.
We started out the week with the West Jordan parade.  Since Jon,Colby, and Colton were walking in it, it was just Ashlee, Connor, and me to watch.  So I went down at 7:30 to get our seats because this parade route fills up really quick.  It was much better waiting for the parade to start with 2 kids instead of 4.  We had some breakfast and did snaps to waste time.  The parade was fun, and it was fun to see my kids in it. 

Ashlee and Connor waiting for the parade to start.  We had Julie and Neffy join us for the parade. 

We then went to my moms house for a BBQ.  The kids had fun playing with their cousin doing snaps and crackling balls and just playing outside in the rain.  We ate and then we were off to Sugarhouse park for the bands and fireworks.  I don't think I ever would have gone but we won tickets this year to the best seat in the house from RC Willey's.  The first two bands were not wonderful but the kids were having a great time.  The band that we went for was Ryan Schupe and the Rubberband.  This concert was awesome.  He played for an hour and a half.  It was great.  Ashlee was really excited because she got a t-shirt and a Frisbee from Ryan.  After Ryan it was time for the fireworks.  They were fantastic and went for 30 minutes.  It was great. 
If you have never seen Ryan Schupe and the Rubberband live I would totally suggest it.  I saw him live the first time at PTA Convention last year, and it was amazing.  This one at Sugarhouse was even better.  If you want to see one of my kids favorite songs here is the link.
After the fireworks were over at 10:40pm and we were back to our car, we have the word that I hate the most...TRAFFIC!!  I'm usually really good at being able to get out and fast but this was totally insane.  The cars were not moving.  We finally made really good progress at 11:00p.m.  We got home at about 11:30 and then I had to do the thing that I totally had put off.  Pack for Girls Camp.  I kept thinking that I would have time but never did.  So by the time I got packed and had all of the food ready I got to bed at 2:30 a.m. 
The wonderful alarm went off at 5a.m.  I got up and started packing the trailer and truck next door.  We left at 7:45 and made it to Heber Valley Camp.  We got unpacked a little and we were off.  We went to the ampitheather for a meeting with the missionaries.  The first thing they say to us is there was a bear in our camp right next door to our cabin and he ate their lunch.  It scared the leaders but the girls were thinking it was cute.  I kept telling them that his paws are bigger than your head, and anything bigger than your head is scary.  Here is the cute picture of our bear. 
So next we took the girls to Legacy Lake.  What a beautiful place.  When we got there it was beautiful blue skies with puffy clouds, but when we left the clouds were dark.  Here are great pictures from the lake.

Notice the clouds!
  We had a great rest of the day with dinner and skits. 
Then the rain started.  It rained most of the night.  When we woke up the next morning it was gone, and beautiful.  We had the morning to do a couple of things together then after lunch we were headed to the ropes course.  I had to help with a station in the ropes course so I kept telling the leaders to make Ashlee do the high course.  She had no trouble at all doing it.  It is a 20 (I think) foot pole you have to climb, then you side step 20 feet on a wire to the place where you zip line down.  I kept thinking Ashlee you have to do this.  You will feel so good about yourself if you do it, not knowing that I would end up doing it in the end.  Here are some great pictures of Ashlee doing it.  I will get mine up as soon as I get them. 


Here is a link to her video.  I was so proud of her.

The next day was just our relaxing day.  We had the Bishopric coming up and we had to make dinner.  This was also our skit night.  The girls did their skit for the Bishop, then the leaders did their skit, then the Bishopric did their skit.  We had a great time.  Later that night the Stake put on a Knight Hike.  It was a wonderful experience.  The girls really enjoyed it.  We then went back to the cabin for our testimony meeting.  What a great week at camp.  I'm so exhausted though. 

I learned when I got home that Jon had taken the boys swimming and roast marshmallows.  They also had a great week. 

We ended the week going to the baptism of Jaiden.  What a great day that we spent with them. 
So this was our week this week.  I will post videos and pictures later. 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

July week 1

So this has been a very busy, boring, fast week.  Can I say all of those in one sentence?  So I have been busy all week getting ready for Girls Camp.  I'm so excited!!!  Ashlee is a lot more excited than me.  She has been packed for several days and keeps asking when I'm going to pack.  She even offered to pack for me.  What a good kid.  She has no idea that I have to pack the food, pans, bowls and everything else we need, on top of my clothes.  That usually happens about 4 hours before we go.  Why change!!

It has finally turned to summer.  The kids spent a lot of time this week in the water.  Either by Jon squirting them with the hose or running through the sprinkler. 

Shock of all shocks...we cleaned out the shed this week.  It is so nice to be able to walk in there again and actually fine the things that we need  I swear through the winter we just stuff things in there and every summer we clean it out.  Jon's favorite thing to do is make sure that he has all of his Christmas lights ready to go.  Yep he is already thinking about the lights.

Spent the day Friday shopping for the food for Girls Camp.  With only having to do 2 lunches and 1 dinner you would think it would be easy.  NOT!!  We still have to pack everything in the kitchen for 3 meals.  Oh the joy. 

We did another movie night on Saturday.  This time we decided to roast marshmellows before hand.  Ashlee got to try to start the fire using nothing but steel wool and a 9 volt battery.  It took a little bit but we got it started without a match.  The first marshmellows of the season are always sooooo good.  We started our movie and enjoyed the first 45 minutes when all of the sudden there were tons of fireworks in the sky.  We ended up watching more fireworks than the movie, but they were awesome and straight over our house.  Pretty cool. 

Last year's fireworks picture.
So tonight we were doing our firework, because we are going to Sugarhouse park tomorrow and Colton came to sit on my lap.  He has been in an off mood tonight and I figured out what was wrong.  He came up and said that he is worried that I'm leaving to go to Girls Camp.  He said that he gets scared when I'm not home, and that he always misses me.  This totally broke my heart.  I'm always worried about leaving them but thought he would have a great time with his dad.  Glad to know that I will be missed by someone.

See I told you...pretty boring week at our house.  Next week I promise will be better with Fireworks tomorrow, and Girls Camp it will be good, and Dad home all week with the boys.  It will be exciting I'm sure of it.

I can't believe that we are almost half way through our summer break.  WOW this summer has gone fast. 
And just think half way through the year.