Monday, June 27, 2011

June week 4

So this week was the end of baseball.  Connor had closing ceremonies Monday and Colton had it on Tuesday.  What a crazy spring we had with all of the rain.  Colton got to go to his first Pack Meeting as a cub scout.  They played water games at the Church and they had a great time. 

So I am trying to get ready to go to Girls Camp.  The 12 years I was out of YW's this is the one event that I truly have missed.  Getting to go to Youth Conference was a lot of fun but Girls Camp rocks.  This year our theme is "Your Happily Ever After" from Elder Uchtdorf"s talk.  This year it is a Stake Girls camp.  We have some great things planned and it sounds like the stake does to.  This is also Ashlee's first year going to camp.  She is really excited and has wanted to start packing already.  I keep telling her to wait, but I'm sure she will be packed by Tuesday night. We are completely planned (Thank goodness).  Since I'm going and won't know what is going on at home this will be my entire post.

Summer has officially started this week.  Thursday we spent the morning at my mom's doing the water slide.  The kids always have a great time getting wet.  We always take the Gedge's along with us when we go.  We decided that this is the 7th year we have had this slide.  The kids seriously could spend hours on it.  Here are the pictures from last year on the slide.  I think I need to take some new ones this year.
Seriously I can't believe that they have so much fun.  The thing that I like is it is clean and they never have to wait long for their turn.  Thanks mom and dad for the electricity, water and the yard.  My yard is just not big enough!

Saturday we decided to go out to the Riverton Hospital Health Fair.  I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  We were at the hospital at 10 in the morning and we left at 1:30.  The kids had a blast.  We started in the ER where they got to look at broken bones.  They got a little stuffed bear that they decided if it had a broken arm or leg.  Then they cast them.  From there they got to look at an MRI, CT scan, Ultrasound and a xray machine.  We then went and toured the Primary Children's side of the Hospital.  The kids got to perform surgery to get candy, put ears tubes in, saw the inside of an eye, and saw the surgery areas.  After this area we got to enjoy slushies!!  Now we were back into the medical office part of the hospital.  The kids got food, water bottles, shirts, candy, water guns, and tons of other stuff.  We then went outside where the kids got to slide and bounce on the inflateables.  Afterwards we walked over and saw the firetrucks, ambulances, and motorcycles.  

They loved being on the motorcycles. They got to play with the sirens and horn in the ambulance.  Next we got to see LifeFlight.  The kids have seen the helicopter before so it is not new, but it is always fun to see it again.  The minute we got up the the helicopter they had to take off to help with an accident.  Colby and Colton were the only two that got to go in this time. 

Ashlee was really excited next because she saw the DARE car.  When she graduated from Dare it was in February and there was tons of snow.  Officer Hoffman said he would bring the car so the kids could get pictures but, the car was buried in snow.  So here is her picture by the DARE car with Colby.
They also got their picture taken with Elmo.  They were all being silly in this picture.
It was a great day, and the kids got so much stuff they are still going through their bags.  Thanks Riverton Hospital for such a fun event.  

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Colton!

I forgot to do my Birthday post for Colton.  With the baptism we have been a little crazy.  I just love this kid.  He is such a quiet soul.  He loves to be the life of the party.  He has such a tender heart which I just love about him.  He takes things so seriously.  He loves sports or anything outside.  He is really excited to play football this year.  I hope that you had a great birthday this year buddy.  I love you so much and I'm so proud that you chose to get baptized.  You are an amazing person, and surprise me everyday. 
                     Happy Birthday Colton!

June week 3

So I'm still doing good.  3 in a month, not to bad.  What a great week we I mean I had.  The kids also had a great week but mine was awesome. 
The week started out with Ashlee babysitting for our neighbors.  She loves going over and spending time with Cody and Dylan.  On Tuesday she was sitting on the couch almost a sleep at 5pm.  It was hilarious.  I looked at her and said, honey are you tired.  She looked at me with that look like she was going to kill me.  Jon then nicely explained to her how hard it is to be a mom.  She absolutely loves baby sitting for our neighbors, and the money was not bad.  She was really excited. 

On Tuesday, Colby and I got to return to the dentist.  Colby had to have one of his molars pulled because the tooth was coming in on top of it.  Not to bad for him.  I had to have a great filling done.  YUCK!  After trying to numb me 3 times (I am the worst patient) we were finally working on my tooth.  Thank goodness that is over.  Never want to have to go through that again.  Maybe I should give up my Diet Coke that is ruining my teeth.  NAH!!

Connor and Colton had their last Baseball game this week.  It is sad to know that this season is over.  With all of the rain this Spring I really thought we would be playing until July, but we got them all in.  I will post pictures soon.  I promise!

We took Ashlee to the Orthodontist on Wednesday.  I thought it was just a normal ortho visit.  I was wrong.  They took the Ark bars off of her Herbs that is in her mouth.  In English terms they have her mouth full of metal and ark bars on the side moving her jaw forward so she doesn't have such an overbite.  She was so excited when they took off the bars.  She kept saying...look mom I can open my mouth completely.  I can understand her excitement since she has not been able to open her mouth completely for over a year. 

Wednesday also started Youth Conference.  This was a great week.  We planned on taking all of the Youth to do Baptism.  Well it didn't totally work out.  We ended up taking 4 YW to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.  What a great night.  The leaders even got to help.  It was so much fun.   

Thursday we met at a neighbors house The Landeen's for a breakfast and to officially start Youth Conference.  The whole time there I kept thinking I really hope that I don't die hiking to Timp Cave.  After breakfast we all loaded up in the car and headed to the cave.  It was a fun ride.  3 girls and I ended up riding with our Bishop.  He kept telling stories which were hilarious to watch the girls react to.  We just have to remember the Bishop is use to having boys in his car.  His stories mostly relate to boys, but they were fun to hear.  The Owl story was the best.  Ask me sometime about it.  It is better to tell in person.  The hike to the cave was fun hard.  I had 3 girls hang back with me which was nice to not be alone.  I know that they could have gone faster but they were so nice to stay with me.  At one point I thought I was going to die, but after resting for a few minutes was able to go again.  It was such an accomplishment to reach the top.  Yes it did take me an hour but I was grateful to have reached the top.  Our tour guide was amazing.  She shared a lot of things about the gospel in the cave which helped our youth relate to the Savior.  It was fantastic.  After the cave we went and had lunch and went to the cabin.  What a fun cabin.  The girls slept in bunk beds in the basement, the leaders were on the main level, and the boys were in the loft.  We let the kids play and just have fun the rest of the day.  Back at home Jon participated in his first K-9 bomb dog competition with Roky.  He had to use Roky this time because Kliff is not bomb certified.  They did OK.  They didn't win anything but I told him that it was a good experience for him, now he knows what to expect for the next competition.  Also that night, Ashlee went to YW's with the beehives that were home.  They went to the Jordan Parkway and passed off their hike towards certification for camp.  They had a great time.  The thing Ashlee came away with was how fast the water was moving.  Welcome to tons of snow pack this year.

Friday started out really early for me.  I was up a 6:30 to start getting ready and to cook breakfast for everyone.  We had breakfast and a little devotional and we were off to the care center.  It was a little weird when we first showed up.  I really don't think they knew what to expect from us.  We spent 2 hours at the care center visiting with the 10 residents, giving them flowers, and singing with them.  It turned out to be a great morning.  I think it is an experience that the youth will never forget.  We spent time at a park in Heber, had lunch, and headed back to the cabin.  The youth had a little free time while we were getting the scripture scavenger hunt set up.  I thought that the hunt would take about 20 minutes, it ended up taking an hour.  I really hope the youth had a good time with it.  It was fun to watch them run around finding clues. We ended the evening with a testimony meeting, and just spending time with the youth until 1:30 in the morning.  The youth in my ward are amazing.  I love them so much.  They are great examples to me and to my children.   The kids and Jon went swimming at home at the out door pool.  I sounded like they had a great time.  Since I was not here I only get to hear about the fun times at home. 

Saturday we got up, had breakfast and came home.  I was exhausted but had a great time.  Jon and the kids went out to the K-9 trials to watch some of the dogs compete.  They had a good time. 

Long post I know but it was a great week.  As soon as some of the girls (hint hint) post pictures, I will get them on here.  Otherwise enjoy the story.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June Week 2

So this last week was crazy with a lot of up's and downs. 
So we started this week going to the dentist.  I use to love going to the dentist until about a year ago.  My children LOVE going to the dentist.  Every time after we leave they ask when are we going back.  They are kinda weird, but I love them.  This time at the dentist I was totally surprised.  Colby ALWAYS ends up having to have something done.  This time no cavities.  Amazing.  They did unfortunately have to pull one of his molars because the other one was coming in on top of it.  Easy compared to what he has done in the past.  Me after going through everything I have the last year with implants thought there is no way something could be wrong with me, wrong!!  I have one little cavity that they need to fix.  Here we go back to the dentist. 

I had Post-convention training with PTA.  I was scared to death.  I really don't like public speaking and I'm always afraid that I'm going to say something that is wrong.  I had to teach a class on Treasurer training.  I think this is one of the scariest job in PTA.  Don't do this job right you could be in Jail.  This is what I was always told.  It went well and I'm so glad that it is over.  I got to sit and talk with the new Superintendent which was really cool.  She is going to be great. 

I also had new employee orientation at Jordan School District.  I am really excited about this new chapter in my life.  I knew that I needed to do something but did not want to give up my freedom of being here for my kids.  So when I heard that there was a job opening at our school and went and talked to Mr. V about it, and surprise I have a new job.  It is working in the cafeteria in our school.  I'm so excited to work with people that I love, and be able to see my children everyday at school.  Plus a little extra money can't be bad...right!!

Colton got to go to scouts for the first time this week.  He was so excited.  He is the last of his friends to turn 8, and has been looking forward to this for a long time.  He looked so cute in his uniform.  I will get pictures loaded when I clear off my hard drive. 
It was also Colton's birthday Friday.  We lucked out this year and the free day at This is the Place was on his birthday.  The kids had a great time.  We rode both trains, rode horses, panned for Gold, learned how they pulled teeth way back when, saw how they printed the newspaper, and last but not least got FREE Ice Cream.  What a great morning. This is the kids out side the Heber C. Kimball house.  We were totally done and ready to go home at noon, which was nice because when we were leaving it was insane.  I have never seen that place like it.  All three parking lots were full and there were people parked everywhere and tons of people on the street.  Thank goodness we were there on time.  We then came home and had to run to Costco to get food for Colton's baptism.  I also was going to get him a gift there.  I told him he could get whatever he wanted within a price limit.  The silly kid chose a pillow.  That's right a fuzzy body pillow.  He was so excited.  I thought are you kidding me but he has been thrilled with it.  Love that kid.  The next day on Saturday he was baptized.  I love our Bishop for letting us do it not on a Stake Baptism day.  I kept thinking how am I going to do a baptism and get ready to leave for Girls Camp on the same day.  What a great morning we had.  I have learned doing 2 so far that it is nice to have their friends talk at the baptism.  It was really cute to have his friend Abbey talk and then his brother Colby talk.  What a fantastic morning.  We were totally on a spiritual high when we went to his baseball game that night.  The game started out bad and progressively got worse as the night went on.  Colton has learned this year that losing is OK but he really wants a win.  He is the pitcher for his team and has done a great job this year.  This last game was not so good.  He hit 4 kids with the ball.  It was so sad to see your child fall apart on the mound and not be able to do anything about it.  I have also learned as a mom to step back and watch.  It is making him a stronger person.  I've decided that if he can learn defeat now it will make it better in the long run.  Love you Colton.  You are becoming a great person that I admire. 
Well that is our week this week.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Turning over a new leaf!

So I am taking the advice of a friend and I'm going to post once a week.  I have decided that in this world we live in now, if I don't write it down noone is going to remember. 
So this is what happened last week in the Atherley house.

What a week we have had.  We had our Annual Memorial bbq at my parents house.  It is amazing this year how cold it is.  It rained the entire day, but the bbq went on.  I finally got my car fixed.  Now to just get it licensed.  That will come.  Tuesday was Colton's walking field trip to the library.  They had a great time and got in some exercise.  Wednesday was field day.  Wow it was a lot of fun this year.  I decided that it is nice to go and not have any responsibility.  What a fun day they had, and the sun decided to shine and it was a nice warm day.  This was also Connor's last day in Kindergarten.  We are so sad that we are done with Kindergarten, but Connor is so excited to go to 1st grade.  Thursday was the last day of school for everyone else.  I didn't think anything of it but it was a really hard day for Ashlee.  She is excited to go to middle school but also sad that Elementary is over.  The Gedge's helped us start a tradition several years ago that the kids just love.  We have Donuts and milk on the last day of school.  For the last 3 weeks my kids and hers have said we are having donuts right????  Such a great tradition.  Thanks Julie for including us. 
I honestly can't believe that I am going to have a child in middle school.  SCARY!!  What a great week. 
The kids are so looking forward to summer.  Hopefully they will.