Monday, June 20, 2011

June week 3

So I'm still doing good.  3 in a month, not to bad.  What a great week we I mean I had.  The kids also had a great week but mine was awesome. 
The week started out with Ashlee babysitting for our neighbors.  She loves going over and spending time with Cody and Dylan.  On Tuesday she was sitting on the couch almost a sleep at 5pm.  It was hilarious.  I looked at her and said, honey are you tired.  She looked at me with that look like she was going to kill me.  Jon then nicely explained to her how hard it is to be a mom.  She absolutely loves baby sitting for our neighbors, and the money was not bad.  She was really excited. 

On Tuesday, Colby and I got to return to the dentist.  Colby had to have one of his molars pulled because the tooth was coming in on top of it.  Not to bad for him.  I had to have a great filling done.  YUCK!  After trying to numb me 3 times (I am the worst patient) we were finally working on my tooth.  Thank goodness that is over.  Never want to have to go through that again.  Maybe I should give up my Diet Coke that is ruining my teeth.  NAH!!

Connor and Colton had their last Baseball game this week.  It is sad to know that this season is over.  With all of the rain this Spring I really thought we would be playing until July, but we got them all in.  I will post pictures soon.  I promise!

We took Ashlee to the Orthodontist on Wednesday.  I thought it was just a normal ortho visit.  I was wrong.  They took the Ark bars off of her Herbs that is in her mouth.  In English terms they have her mouth full of metal and ark bars on the side moving her jaw forward so she doesn't have such an overbite.  She was so excited when they took off the bars.  She kept saying...look mom I can open my mouth completely.  I can understand her excitement since she has not been able to open her mouth completely for over a year. 

Wednesday also started Youth Conference.  This was a great week.  We planned on taking all of the Youth to do Baptism.  Well it didn't totally work out.  We ended up taking 4 YW to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.  What a great night.  The leaders even got to help.  It was so much fun.   

Thursday we met at a neighbors house The Landeen's for a breakfast and to officially start Youth Conference.  The whole time there I kept thinking I really hope that I don't die hiking to Timp Cave.  After breakfast we all loaded up in the car and headed to the cave.  It was a fun ride.  3 girls and I ended up riding with our Bishop.  He kept telling stories which were hilarious to watch the girls react to.  We just have to remember the Bishop is use to having boys in his car.  His stories mostly relate to boys, but they were fun to hear.  The Owl story was the best.  Ask me sometime about it.  It is better to tell in person.  The hike to the cave was fun hard.  I had 3 girls hang back with me which was nice to not be alone.  I know that they could have gone faster but they were so nice to stay with me.  At one point I thought I was going to die, but after resting for a few minutes was able to go again.  It was such an accomplishment to reach the top.  Yes it did take me an hour but I was grateful to have reached the top.  Our tour guide was amazing.  She shared a lot of things about the gospel in the cave which helped our youth relate to the Savior.  It was fantastic.  After the cave we went and had lunch and went to the cabin.  What a fun cabin.  The girls slept in bunk beds in the basement, the leaders were on the main level, and the boys were in the loft.  We let the kids play and just have fun the rest of the day.  Back at home Jon participated in his first K-9 bomb dog competition with Roky.  He had to use Roky this time because Kliff is not bomb certified.  They did OK.  They didn't win anything but I told him that it was a good experience for him, now he knows what to expect for the next competition.  Also that night, Ashlee went to YW's with the beehives that were home.  They went to the Jordan Parkway and passed off their hike towards certification for camp.  They had a great time.  The thing Ashlee came away with was how fast the water was moving.  Welcome to tons of snow pack this year.

Friday started out really early for me.  I was up a 6:30 to start getting ready and to cook breakfast for everyone.  We had breakfast and a little devotional and we were off to the care center.  It was a little weird when we first showed up.  I really don't think they knew what to expect from us.  We spent 2 hours at the care center visiting with the 10 residents, giving them flowers, and singing with them.  It turned out to be a great morning.  I think it is an experience that the youth will never forget.  We spent time at a park in Heber, had lunch, and headed back to the cabin.  The youth had a little free time while we were getting the scripture scavenger hunt set up.  I thought that the hunt would take about 20 minutes, it ended up taking an hour.  I really hope the youth had a good time with it.  It was fun to watch them run around finding clues. We ended the evening with a testimony meeting, and just spending time with the youth until 1:30 in the morning.  The youth in my ward are amazing.  I love them so much.  They are great examples to me and to my children.   The kids and Jon went swimming at home at the out door pool.  I sounded like they had a great time.  Since I was not here I only get to hear about the fun times at home. 

Saturday we got up, had breakfast and came home.  I was exhausted but had a great time.  Jon and the kids went out to the K-9 trials to watch some of the dogs compete.  They had a good time. 

Long post I know but it was a great week.  As soon as some of the girls (hint hint) post pictures, I will get them on here.  Otherwise enjoy the story.

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