Monday, June 27, 2011

June week 4

So this week was the end of baseball.  Connor had closing ceremonies Monday and Colton had it on Tuesday.  What a crazy spring we had with all of the rain.  Colton got to go to his first Pack Meeting as a cub scout.  They played water games at the Church and they had a great time. 

So I am trying to get ready to go to Girls Camp.  The 12 years I was out of YW's this is the one event that I truly have missed.  Getting to go to Youth Conference was a lot of fun but Girls Camp rocks.  This year our theme is "Your Happily Ever After" from Elder Uchtdorf"s talk.  This year it is a Stake Girls camp.  We have some great things planned and it sounds like the stake does to.  This is also Ashlee's first year going to camp.  She is really excited and has wanted to start packing already.  I keep telling her to wait, but I'm sure she will be packed by Tuesday night. We are completely planned (Thank goodness).  Since I'm going and won't know what is going on at home this will be my entire post.

Summer has officially started this week.  Thursday we spent the morning at my mom's doing the water slide.  The kids always have a great time getting wet.  We always take the Gedge's along with us when we go.  We decided that this is the 7th year we have had this slide.  The kids seriously could spend hours on it.  Here are the pictures from last year on the slide.  I think I need to take some new ones this year.
Seriously I can't believe that they have so much fun.  The thing that I like is it is clean and they never have to wait long for their turn.  Thanks mom and dad for the electricity, water and the yard.  My yard is just not big enough!

Saturday we decided to go out to the Riverton Hospital Health Fair.  I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  We were at the hospital at 10 in the morning and we left at 1:30.  The kids had a blast.  We started in the ER where they got to look at broken bones.  They got a little stuffed bear that they decided if it had a broken arm or leg.  Then they cast them.  From there they got to look at an MRI, CT scan, Ultrasound and a xray machine.  We then went and toured the Primary Children's side of the Hospital.  The kids got to perform surgery to get candy, put ears tubes in, saw the inside of an eye, and saw the surgery areas.  After this area we got to enjoy slushies!!  Now we were back into the medical office part of the hospital.  The kids got food, water bottles, shirts, candy, water guns, and tons of other stuff.  We then went outside where the kids got to slide and bounce on the inflateables.  Afterwards we walked over and saw the firetrucks, ambulances, and motorcycles.  

They loved being on the motorcycles. They got to play with the sirens and horn in the ambulance.  Next we got to see LifeFlight.  The kids have seen the helicopter before so it is not new, but it is always fun to see it again.  The minute we got up the the helicopter they had to take off to help with an accident.  Colby and Colton were the only two that got to go in this time. 

Ashlee was really excited next because she saw the DARE car.  When she graduated from Dare it was in February and there was tons of snow.  Officer Hoffman said he would bring the car so the kids could get pictures but, the car was buried in snow.  So here is her picture by the DARE car with Colby.
They also got their picture taken with Elmo.  They were all being silly in this picture.
It was a great day, and the kids got so much stuff they are still going through their bags.  Thanks Riverton Hospital for such a fun event.  

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