Sunday, July 3, 2011

July week 1

So this has been a very busy, boring, fast week.  Can I say all of those in one sentence?  So I have been busy all week getting ready for Girls Camp.  I'm so excited!!!  Ashlee is a lot more excited than me.  She has been packed for several days and keeps asking when I'm going to pack.  She even offered to pack for me.  What a good kid.  She has no idea that I have to pack the food, pans, bowls and everything else we need, on top of my clothes.  That usually happens about 4 hours before we go.  Why change!!

It has finally turned to summer.  The kids spent a lot of time this week in the water.  Either by Jon squirting them with the hose or running through the sprinkler. 

Shock of all shocks...we cleaned out the shed this week.  It is so nice to be able to walk in there again and actually fine the things that we need  I swear through the winter we just stuff things in there and every summer we clean it out.  Jon's favorite thing to do is make sure that he has all of his Christmas lights ready to go.  Yep he is already thinking about the lights.

Spent the day Friday shopping for the food for Girls Camp.  With only having to do 2 lunches and 1 dinner you would think it would be easy.  NOT!!  We still have to pack everything in the kitchen for 3 meals.  Oh the joy. 

We did another movie night on Saturday.  This time we decided to roast marshmellows before hand.  Ashlee got to try to start the fire using nothing but steel wool and a 9 volt battery.  It took a little bit but we got it started without a match.  The first marshmellows of the season are always sooooo good.  We started our movie and enjoyed the first 45 minutes when all of the sudden there were tons of fireworks in the sky.  We ended up watching more fireworks than the movie, but they were awesome and straight over our house.  Pretty cool. 

Last year's fireworks picture.
So tonight we were doing our firework, because we are going to Sugarhouse park tomorrow and Colton came to sit on my lap.  He has been in an off mood tonight and I figured out what was wrong.  He came up and said that he is worried that I'm leaving to go to Girls Camp.  He said that he gets scared when I'm not home, and that he always misses me.  This totally broke my heart.  I'm always worried about leaving them but thought he would have a great time with his dad.  Glad to know that I will be missed by someone.

See I told you...pretty boring week at our house.  Next week I promise will be better with Fireworks tomorrow, and Girls Camp it will be good, and Dad home all week with the boys.  It will be exciting I'm sure of it.

I can't believe that we are almost half way through our summer break.  WOW this summer has gone fast. 
And just think half way through the year.

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