Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June Week 2

So this last week was crazy with a lot of up's and downs. 
So we started this week going to the dentist.  I use to love going to the dentist until about a year ago.  My children LOVE going to the dentist.  Every time after we leave they ask when are we going back.  They are kinda weird, but I love them.  This time at the dentist I was totally surprised.  Colby ALWAYS ends up having to have something done.  This time no cavities.  Amazing.  They did unfortunately have to pull one of his molars because the other one was coming in on top of it.  Easy compared to what he has done in the past.  Me after going through everything I have the last year with implants thought there is no way something could be wrong with me, wrong!!  I have one little cavity that they need to fix.  Here we go back to the dentist. 

I had Post-convention training with PTA.  I was scared to death.  I really don't like public speaking and I'm always afraid that I'm going to say something that is wrong.  I had to teach a class on Treasurer training.  I think this is one of the scariest job in PTA.  Don't do this job right you could be in Jail.  This is what I was always told.  It went well and I'm so glad that it is over.  I got to sit and talk with the new Superintendent which was really cool.  She is going to be great. 

I also had new employee orientation at Jordan School District.  I am really excited about this new chapter in my life.  I knew that I needed to do something but did not want to give up my freedom of being here for my kids.  So when I heard that there was a job opening at our school and went and talked to Mr. V about it, and surprise I have a new job.  It is working in the cafeteria in our school.  I'm so excited to work with people that I love, and be able to see my children everyday at school.  Plus a little extra money can't be bad...right!!

Colton got to go to scouts for the first time this week.  He was so excited.  He is the last of his friends to turn 8, and has been looking forward to this for a long time.  He looked so cute in his uniform.  I will get pictures loaded when I clear off my hard drive. 
It was also Colton's birthday Friday.  We lucked out this year and the free day at This is the Place was on his birthday.  The kids had a great time.  We rode both trains, rode horses, panned for Gold, learned how they pulled teeth way back when, saw how they printed the newspaper, and last but not least got FREE Ice Cream.  What a great morning. This is the kids out side the Heber C. Kimball house.  We were totally done and ready to go home at noon, which was nice because when we were leaving it was insane.  I have never seen that place like it.  All three parking lots were full and there were people parked everywhere and tons of people on the street.  Thank goodness we were there on time.  We then came home and had to run to Costco to get food for Colton's baptism.  I also was going to get him a gift there.  I told him he could get whatever he wanted within a price limit.  The silly kid chose a pillow.  That's right a fuzzy body pillow.  He was so excited.  I thought are you kidding me but he has been thrilled with it.  Love that kid.  The next day on Saturday he was baptized.  I love our Bishop for letting us do it not on a Stake Baptism day.  I kept thinking how am I going to do a baptism and get ready to leave for Girls Camp on the same day.  What a great morning we had.  I have learned doing 2 so far that it is nice to have their friends talk at the baptism.  It was really cute to have his friend Abbey talk and then his brother Colby talk.  What a fantastic morning.  We were totally on a spiritual high when we went to his baseball game that night.  The game started out bad and progressively got worse as the night went on.  Colton has learned this year that losing is OK but he really wants a win.  He is the pitcher for his team and has done a great job this year.  This last game was not so good.  He hit 4 kids with the ball.  It was so sad to see your child fall apart on the mound and not be able to do anything about it.  I have also learned as a mom to step back and watch.  It is making him a stronger person.  I've decided that if he can learn defeat now it will make it better in the long run.  Love you Colton.  You are becoming a great person that I admire. 
Well that is our week this week.

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