Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September week 1

Wow what a crazy great week.  I was wondering if it was ever going to slow down. 
Labor day was Monday.  I truly Labored that day.  I cleaned the house and washed all of our clothes.  For some reason my Saturdays are completely gone.  It was really nice to get everything done and feel like I accomplished something. 

Tuesday we all went back to school.  The kids are finally getting down the routine in the lunchroom.  Thank goodness.  It was really crazy the first week.  I'm feeling much better about it today. 

Wednesday Colby had Scouts after school.  I'm so grateful that football has gone to 3 practices a week so he can go and not have to leave early.  He is loving his new den leader and is excited to go.  This month we are having a space derby.  Now that I'm thinking about it...we should get those done. 

Thursday I got the opportunity to volunteer in my favorite teachers class.  I don't even have kids in her class this year but I sure do love helping her.  It is fun to go back and remember how little my kids were. 
Ashlee and I had Young Womens too.  We had a really cool night with the girls.  We had them choose a Hero or someone that they looked up to that is in the media, but not a member of the church.  The girls had to research this person and tell us something about them and what they believed in.  It was interesting to hear who some of the girls heroes are.  It was a very interesting night.

Friday...Party its Friday!!!  I never thought I would say this.  Its nice to have a weekend, plus short day for the kids.  I'm still getting use to this late start thing in middle school.  The nice thing is Ashlee can have her orthodontist appointments that morning.  It is so nice to have the appointment early in the morning and her not miss school. 
Ashlee's school also did a Salute to Heroes that morning.  The choir has been working on songs to sing that morning.  They also did a flag raising ceremony a couple of speakers and a moment of silence.  Here is the video of that morning.  http://youtu.be/JkVtXe0k2rs 
It was a really neat experience considering that a lot of these kids were not very old when this happened. 

Saturday started early, no sleeping in at our house on game day.  Colby played Hillcrest today.  What a great game.  They have a few things that they need to work on...like blocking in the back when going for a touchdown, but all in all it was a great game.  We won 28-0. 
Colton played Cyprus today.  Jon said it was a hard win but they won.  After working a graveyard shift he was a little hyper and excited at the game.  Sorry parents!  Colton also won 14-0

I am loving that fall in coming.  I love the cool night and mornings.  Lets just hope that the snow will stay away for a few more months.  We really don't need the water today or even next month.

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