Saturday, August 27, 2011

August week 3

I am soooo late this week.  oops!!! We are having to much fun this week to sit at a computer.  So I will try to remember what happened a week ago. 

PTA has started already.  I love being able to serve on the PTA but sometimes it really starts to take over your life.  I totally see it coming.  I spent one day at a Council meeting.  I decided that serving local is the way to go.  I really miss being with the kids at my school.  Now I just get to see the good things we are doing on a district level.  Sometimes it is just as much fun. 

Football of course is still going.  Everyday!!  Soon we will be a 3 a week.  I can't wait. 

Colton's scout leader has started scout back up.  He has really missed not going.  Colby got to go to the Weblos leader.  He was so excited.  I hate that football interferes but we make it work. 

Wow that is about all I can remember.  Boy that is sad.  Next week is soon and we had a wonderful and exhausting week.  Plus...Back to School.  I can't wait.

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