Monday, November 21, 2011


Wow, it has been a busy and long month so far.  I will try to update all of the details. 

Ashlee has started going to the temple every Tuesday with a few of her friends.  She is really enjoying it. 

Football has ended for both boys.  Colby's team went to the Championship game and won the game 2-0.  Yes we won by a safety.  It was a fantastic game, even though a ugly storm came through during the last half of the game. 

Game day cheer!

Colby had his football banquet this last week.  What a fun day to spend with his team.  They received Championship t-shirts, trophies, backpacks, and a beanie.  It was fun being with the team one last time.  I told one of the mom's that the end of football is like a divorce.  You spend almost every waking minute with them for 4 months and then never see them again.  Hopefully next year we can keep the team together and get another Championship.  This was the first one for WJ in 5 years.  I'm glad we could be a part of it. 

Here is Colby with his shirt and trophy.

Colton loved his time playing this year, and cannot wait until next year.  His team didn't do great this year, but they had a lot of fun.  

We also had PTC's the second week of November.  I love the time that we get to sit with the teachers and talk about our kids and what is good and what needs work.  The teachers at Westland are so awesome.  I appreciate everything that they do to help my kids.  They all came out with really good grades.  I'm a very proud mom. 

We got to spend last weekend with some of our friends.  It is always amazing to me that when we get together we act like we never left.  We sure love spending time with them.  There are times that we laugh so hard I forget what we are laughing about.  Thanks Hudson's for the house and the time.

Colby got to go on his field trip to JA City.  If you have never been there it is an amazing place.  The 5th graders get to be grown ups for the day and run the city.  It is fun to watch the frustrations and the successes of the students.  Colby spent the day as a CFO of Larry H. Miller.  I asked him what he thought of it and the first thing he said was being a CFO is HARD!!!  You never have time for yourself.  I'll I could do is laugh. 

Here are two pictures of the city.  They don't do it justice.  Love that place. 

Then the thing I have been waiting for forever...BREAKING DAWN.  What a great night.  That movie is amazing.  I had to keep reminding myself to breath through the movie.  They keep getting better.  I can't wait for part 2 to come out next November.  Thank goodness I have The Hunger Games coming out in March.  Here is a link to the trailer.  Enjoy!

Well that was November so far...I think.

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