Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October week 2

So we started the week by getting our annual Flu shots.  It is so funny to see the kids reaction to getting a shot.  Jon was talking to the kids all about it on the way to the doctors office.  I think he freaked out a couple of the boys.  Literally when the nurse called our name Colby took off.  We literally had to drag him into the office and the nurse had to hold him down just for a little shot.  I can't wait till next year when he has to get 5 shots to get ready for Middle School.  Connor cried a little bit, and Colton just stared at it.  What an eventful night. 

Spent Thursday morning with the Red Cross figuring out where to go now with the Shelter training.  It is a neat experience to sit and talk with people that are so willing to help anyone in the event of a disaster. 

I also got the experience from the past this last week.  I don't understand all of the logistics but Blackberry service went down, and my phone of course would not work.  In a way it was nice to not have it ringing all of the time but the day it came up I didn't like it.  I'm still trying to get to the end of my email list.  The funny thing is all of the texts I got at the same time that were from several days.  I think I could live without my phone...maybe.

Had a little more football.  Coltons team scored a touchdown!!!  Colby's team is still undefeated.  I sure love football time. 

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